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It is evidently taken for granted that the astrologer was really learned in the science, and that there were not those numerous errors of data to mislead him. Another objection to the science is that astrologically the fortunes of two persons born at the same moment of time, but in the opposite quarters of the globe, must be the same, but that they can- not be and are not the same.

Here is an ignorance betrayed regarding the elementary principles of the science.

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It is true that the planetary positions are nearly the same except for the small matter of parallax. But it is not the planets alone that go to shape one's fortunes. Time of birth, which is represented by the Lagna or the rising sign, has a great deal to do with it. In other words, because the local times of the two places are different, the Lagnas must be different; for when the 20th degree of Leo, for instance, is in contact with the horizon here, the 20th degree of Aquarius will be in contact with the horizon of our just antipodes at the same moment.

Our rising sign is their setting sign, and our setting sign is their rising sign; so that a difference of longitude gives a difference of local time and consequently a difference of Lagna. But suppose the places to have the same longitude. Take two places for instance on the same meridian and therefore due north and south of each other.

Now the question is whether the Lagna is the same for both the places. The Lagna is a point in the ecliptic which is inclined to the equator. The planes of the horizon of the two places are different and they cut different parts of the ecliptic. It therefore follows that a difference of latitude gives a difference in the Lagna.

So that places with a difference of either longitude or latitude or with both cannot have the same Lagna at the same time. That Lagna or mere time or space, irrespective of the planets, has a great deal to do with shaping the fortunes of a native or Jataki will be a new revelation to most people. We will come to this subject presently. A horoscopic diagram or figure of the heavens represents both local time or Lagna and planetary positions.

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Send as free online greeting card. On Conjunctions of two or more planets; 9. The Effect of Gulika year etc. Comprises pages to , includes original Sanskrit. Volume 3: Kalchakra; Dasas; Errata. Comprises pages to , includes original Sanskrit slokas. Comment : This is the translation by the late V. Subramanya Sastri. The publishers have included some brief background notes to the book, and to the translation itself. Ranjan, three volumes. The properties of signs; 2. Divisions of the zodiac; 4. Shabalas of planets; 5. Yogas; 7. Maharaha yogas; 8.

Acharya Varahamihira's Brihat Jatak: An Immortal Source Book of Hindu Predictive Astrology

Effects of the planets in the 12 houses; 9. Effects of the signs in the ascendant; Kalatra bhava or the 7th house; Horoscopes of women; Issues or children; Length of life; How to study the effects of the houses; General effects of the 12 houses; Exit from the world; Kala Chakra dasa; The ashtakavarga effects as in Horasara; Upagrahas; Gocharphala; Ascetic yogas; The Adh. Equally interesting is the discovery through the yogas.

So is the revealing experience in the Adh. This book is so complete a study of the subject that it has been recommended as a textbook in several institutions.

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Some of these reasons have prompted me to translate it into English. Includes the original Sanskrit slokas. Sagar, pages. Divisions of a sign; 4. Source of livelihood; 6.

Raja Yogas; 8. Effects of different ascendants; Matters relating to the 7th house; Birth of children 5th house ; Determination of longevity; Assessment of houses; Effects of conjunction of two planets; Effects of Dasas of the lords of houses; Kalachakra Dasa; Effects of Ashtakavarga according to Horasara; Yogas leading to ascetism; 28 Conclusion.

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Comment : From , a new translation. Includes Sanskrit slokas. I am not certain which of the two translations is "better". Both translators are excellent in their own rights, I suspect readers will tell me soon enough. Ranjan, pages. Rashibheda Mangala Charan analysis of signs 2. Graha bheda planetary characteristics 3.