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I felt my way through. I found cracks that became doorways. I found abilities within me, dormant but ready for use. June may be filled with professional challenges, but none that I am ill-fitted to find my way through. They awaken within me my determined dedication. What I need to move towards becomes increasingly clear.

Obstacles only refine my aim or redirect it as needed. When my days start to feel tightly packed, I remember to make space in myself. I know that one deep breath often leads to two. I know that one reminder to my system to release a tight jaw often leads to the dropping of my shoulders, the softening of my forehead and the opening of my chest. I know that the world demands an impossible amount from me, so I choose to stay with what is possible.

What is productive. What is present here and now. With this new moon I recommit to healing what holds me back. A little less shame about being human creates valleys of space within me. The tectonic shifts in perception that come from holding a little of my discomfort in a lot of compassion is undeniable. With this new moon, I give myself the cure I need in this moment. My mental health requires that I get clear on how I pathologize myself so that I have the option not to.

With this new moon, I recommit to giving my points of pain a break and my strengths the opportunity to recharge.

The Trickster at Home

I know that half of the relationship dynamic is mine to work through. I know that half of the things to say are mine to speak. I know that half of the heart that is put into this dynamic is mine to give. I know that in order for my partnerships to have a fighting chance, I have got to make sure that I am doing my fair share of the maintenance. Doing the hard work of telling others my boundaries and sticking to them is on me, up to me, and of great benefit to me.

I have to be clear enough to know what I need long-term in order to ask for it now.

Gemini Moon Sign Emotions | Exemplore

With this new moon, I recommit to reducing the shame I feel when I make a mistake. Professionally and personally.

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  • Gabby, Gaity, Gracious;

When I allow fear to dictate my actions, I impede my growth so instead, I allow myself the flexibility to make amends and begin again. I know that the interpersonal realm is hard for all humans. I refuse to let old issues stop me from healing in the present. I know that being vulnerable with myself is a challenging endeavor, one I may not always wish to engage in or encourage.

But being vulnerable with others is impossible otherwise. I honor all the relationships in my life by being willing to slow down. Efficiency is just as much about depth as it is about getting things done. Inspiration is unruly. Living beyond our timelines and confined calendars. I cannot summon it when it is convenient for me. I build homes for it to visit. Gardens for it to plant itself in for a time.

Gemini Sun with Moon Signs

Gateways for it to saunter through when it wants to. Instead I go to the canvas, drawing board, desk, and dancefloor with my dedication to being there. I know my shame and I am not put off by it. I know my fears and I am not stopped by them. I know what it means to fit in, and I am not here for any kind of conformity that divorces me from my precious, potent, life-giving, IDGAF-about-anything-but-the-truth, energy. Home is where I let myself be. Without judgement. Without holding my breath. Without worrying about getting it right.

I know that I am allowed to learn and still be loved. Make mistakes and make it up. Make my bed and make a life that is worthy of calling it a home.

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Home is wherever and whenever I can take a deep breath. It is all the places of restoration I allow myself to hunker down within.

Gemini Moon Sign

It is a place within me that I save for only the sweetest of my family members. When the Moon is moving through Gemini, regardless of how we normally feel, we may be a little bit more scattered during this time. Every separate event seems like the most significant one, yet each one takes its turn in the spotlight and then quickly fades away. The New Moon is always a cosmic turning point when we say goodbye to one cycle and hello to the next one.

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At the end of every spring, around May, the Sun and the Moon will both be in the sign of Gemini, making it a New Moon. This is the time to plant those metaphoric seeds. Geminis can feel restless with plans that are too concrete, and have trouble following through. This makes it an ideal time to start something new that will allow you room to explore as it takes shape. Six months later, at the end of autumn, the Sun will be in Sagittarius while the Moon is in Gemini.

You are a very interesting and curious person, and come off as a know-it-all. However, Moon gives you a certain anxiety and nervousness too. This underlying restlessness in your personality rarely comes to the surface but when it does, it takes a lot of talk for you to calm down. Your airy mutable sign makes you think a lot. There are times when you dedicate a lot of your efforts and money into renovation because you tend to get bored of the same surroundings and need change mutable. When it comes to emotions, people with Gemini Moon sign are a mystery to themselves. When caught up in an emotional whirlwind, you like to talk it out to someone. You find comfort in sharing your feelings, but you are not really good with understanding your emotions yourself. In a way, you are not really in touch with how you actually feel. You only see the surface tension and react on it.

You are more on the practical side. You need intellectual stimulation over emotions. Even as a parent, you would be more happier in answering the intellectual questions of your kids than the emotional ones. You are a very sociable person though, someone who likes to hang out a lot and party hard. You are often the one who takes initiatives like family reunions.

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As long as you have plenty to keep you busy out of your regular routine, you would be happy.