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Dragon Style Changes.

The swirling spinning movements of the Eight-Diagrams Free- only a system of self defense. It is also considered as a Eight-Diagram Palm emulates the spirit and movements Hand Broadsword are very distinctive. It is a series of eight postures and moves in circles. Emei Swimming Body Baguazhang descends from Emei Mountain, where some belief Bagua originated and the land of legendary warriors.

The Swimming Body method is known for its sudden walking, turning and changing positions. Many captivating stories and legends have told for generations about the sword immortals living in this area. Xiao Yao means to accord or comply with ones heart, to do something ones heart dedicates with no restraint. When applied to the martial arts, it means that when ones martial arts skill reaches a certain level, one enters into a state of freedom. In this video, Master Helen Liang will reveal the techniques behind this mysterious and beautiful sword method.

Master Liangs videos are some of the most popular bestsellers in our catalog. We are very pleased to be able to offer another title from this award-winning master of the martial arts.

Angelina Jolie Family Portrait - Angelina Jolie and Children at Kung Fu Panda 3 Premiere

Bagua is on Master Helen Liangs based on soft, circular movements. This is an excellent training tool for anyone looking to refine their skills. The pants have an elastic waistband and drawstring as well as elastic around the ankles. It also has Kung Fu Complete set includes top, pants, an authentic mandarin-style collar with a genuine loop and Top oversocks, leg bindings and bag.

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Champion Peter Dang. You cannot throw away the martial essence even though athletes must show ability.


Its easier to discriminate with nandu. But there still must be elements of offense and defense. It should still include this essence. The competition shows athletic ability but nandu must harmonize with this martial core. If its just nandu, its just gymnastics.

One-third of any Modern Wushu competition form is nandu now. The trend is moving away from the core. Now Dao is just about speed and height. Traditional is too difficult. The Wushu leaders recognize this trend and are working towards requiring more traditional core movements. China is eager to get a sport into the Olympics. It has been struggling with Modern Wushu since its inception, but when it failed to get in for the Beijing Olympics, many lost hope.

Now there is a new push to promote Taijiquan through tournaments. While this is not necessarily an Olympic objective, Chinas perspective on it is understandable. Taiji is the most widely practiced martial art in the world and it continues to grow globally.

Tiger Claw's Championship

However, the notion of Olympic Taiji will likely be absurd in the eyes of westerners as they pigeonhole it as a meditative practice, not a martial art. Nevertheless, there are now two international-level championships for Taijiquan in China, the biannual World Wushu Championships which contain the Modern Wushu divisions of Taijiquan and Taijijian and a newly organized international championship that is exclusively for Taijiquan. Zhao explains, The form regulations are the same, more or less. Holding a single Taiji World Championship allows the addition of more content.

The different styles of Taiji can be separated. There is only one zishen division that has nandu. The other separate divisions dont require nandu. They are based upon the compulsory routines within the individual styles like Chen, Yang, and so on. The next Olympics will be held in Tokyo in and Karate has already been approved to be a new Olympic event there.

Both Karate and Modern Wushu have been classified as International Federations by the International Olympic Committee for years now; this status is a necessary step to make a bid to be in the running to be a new sport. Zhao reflects on what this means for Chinese martial arts. We standardized Modern Wushu to get it into the Olympics.

Week of February 23

Why isnt Wushu in yet? Well, personally, Im not emotional about it. I dont think its quite ready yet. The rules and regulations need a little more time to mature.

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As for Karate, I have no feelings about that either. They did a lot of work. And it helps that Tokyo is the host city. In Chinese martial arts, there are so many different voices. Traditional or modern, we should all have the same goal, not just criticism. Master Zhao can be reached at henpo yeah. Called A ll the r age by the Wall Street Journal. A modern shoe for ancient tr adition. Half sizes available. M any of us dont want to acknowledge the possibility that we will be subject to a violent attack at some point in our lifetime.

What will you do when it occurs? What can you do to avoid these situations?

How can you increase your odds of surviving a violent attack? How can you protect your loved ones? You may know all of the techniques in the world, but can you do what is necessary when the time comes? In psychology, we are taught the Fight or Flight Syndrome. In practice, though, people tend to freeze up when they are confronted or struck, and by the time they recover from the shock, its too late.

Thats why its so important to get used to the feeling of physical contact.

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You need to be able to return fire when fired upon. Understanding the mind of a criminal also helps. To an attacker you are not a human being but an object to be subdued. Their goal is to impose their will on you. Since they tend to lack the compassion of people you know, it can be impossible to reason with them or appeal to their humanity. Since your protection is your responsibility, make sure youre not a target. Follow these tips and increase your chances of not becoming a victim.

In addition to that, just having a weapon is not enough. You have to know how to use it, and you need to have the desire to employ a firearm. Once fired, theres no taking a bullet back. Keeping pepper spray with you at all times and. There have been reports of perpetrators hiding under have it at the ready, not buried in the bottom of your purse cars and slashing or locked in your car.

Get into the habit of placing it in your the ankles of their victims.