EphemDB contains the ability to calculate natal data and transit data and to then put this data into 3 different database tables, one for Transit to Natal aspects aspectarian , another for Transit to Transit aspects aspectarian , and the third for Ephemeris longitude data for all the planets plus Chiron. Also included is an astrology font that can be used in any word processor application ephemdb.

Since this is free source code, there is currently no automatic atlas feature in the program.

Swiss Ephemeris for Users

But there are geographic lists of about cities, though you'll have to figure out Daylight Saving time or Standard time. The source code here given is perhaps not written like they teach in colleges of computer science. To read, view and print these files, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 3. The links appearing as numbers contain the ephemeris for this year; the links 'A' contain a list of mundane aspects aspects formed by the moving planets on the sky.

The Centre For Psychological Astrology - Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs

For years marked with 'j' like j the Ephemeris is in the Julian Calendar, otherwise it is in the Gregorian Calendar. A special favour for our friend Karl Weber in Unterhaching.

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  • Planets and points of their orbits?

Here they are. Have fun!

If you require additional years for special purposes, please send an email to webmaster explaining your needs and we will try to fulfill reasonable wishes. Normally we create midnight ephemerides.

Noon ephemerides can be created by the users, see FAQ entry 5 here. Please be aware that you can create ephemeris files also on the page "Extended Chart Selection". It covers years from and includes all the data every astrologer needs, including monthly tables of planetary longitude and declination for all This application is horoscope app about the future.

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Chiron Sign Tables

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